Date:Thursday, November 19, 2015, 09:30 – 16:00 (Registration at 08:30)二零一五年11月19日, 星期四, 09:30 – 16:00 (08:30 申请注册进场) Venue: Glenview ITC Plaza Chongqing 重庆市国贸中心格兰维酒店(渝中区东大街66号) Organizer:Wood from Finland Program, Finpro China Finland Sawmill Association 芬兰貿易项目投资度假旅游提高总署芬兰木业推展新项目 芬兰锯木厂研究会 Co-organizer: China TimberWood Products Distribution Association Chongqing Furniture Industry Association Chongqing Changshou Home Furnishing Industrial Park中国木材与木制家具商品流通研究会 重庆家具产业协会 重庆长命家居家具工业园区 网页页面iTunes:重庆市地铁站邀请信.doc Finpro China, together with China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association, Chongqing Furniture Industry Association and Chongqing Changshou Woodworking Industrial Park will organize a seminar in beautiful Chongqing to introduce Finnish timber and its application. Besides, we’ll also present Wood from Finland promotion program. 芬兰貿易项目投资度假旅游提高总署,联合中国木材与木制家具商品流通研究会、重庆家具产业协会、重庆长命木业工业园区将于漂亮的重庆市举办初次芬兰木业讨论会主题活动,大会上将对芬兰木材及其运用于进行解读。除此之外,大家还不容易对“芬兰木. 秀于林”芬兰木业推展新项目进行详尽解读。Finnish sawn timber comes from PEFC certified forests which are sustainably managed. Finland is the most wooden country in Europe and 71,6 % of its area is covered by forest. About 13 % of our forests are protected according to the law. Short and mild growing season ensures that Finnish wood is slowly grown, strong, its structure is uniform and it is aesthetically very beautiful. This is also best guarantee for versatile end-uses and it can be utilized from highly demanding interior decoration and furniture into massive, bearing constructions. Finnish sawmill companies provide dependable delivery, consistently high quality, and long-term commitment. 芬兰木材皆来自于有PEFC管理方法资格证书的可持续性化管理方法山林。芬兰的森林覆盖率高达低超出71.6%,是欧州普及率最少的我国。


依据芬兰法律法规,大概13%的山林属于保护林。芬兰的极端化气侯、一段时间的生长发育时节,促使芬兰木材生长发育迟缓、材质密实度、构造分布均匀、纹路十分讨人喜欢,这也为芬兰木材的多种多样主要用途—例如高端翻修、家具板材和构造烘托等获得了最好保证。芬兰木材企业能够为您获得可靠的货运物流、稳定的品质及长久的协作。During the event, you will have the chance to meet high-level representatives of 9 large Finnish sawmilling companies, and discuss the possibility of further business cooperation. Please find the company introductions are attached. In addition to that you have opportunity to get information of sales possibilities of other 10 sawmilling companies of the program, which were not able to join the event this time. 主题活动期内,您将还有机会结交来源于至少9家芬兰大中型木屑公司的高层住宅意味着,并研究未来招商合作的概率。

要求查看配件中各企业解读。除此之外,您有机会获得参与“芬兰木. 秀于林”芬兰木业推展新项目的此外10家木屑制造业企业的商品供求信息。Wood from Finland Program, Finpro China, CTWPDA, Chongqing Furniture Industry Association, Chongqing Wooden Door Industry Association, Chengdu Furniture Industry Association, Chengdu Wooden Door Industry Association cordially invite you to participate in the Wood from Finland Event. 大家,芬兰木业推展新项目、芬兰貿易项目投资度假旅游提高总署、中国木材与木制家具商品流通研究会、重庆家具产业协会、重庆长命家居家具工业园区真心诚意邀您参加芬兰木业木业讨论会!。